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Meet the


Father Blagonwight is an

excellent organizer. It is his

job to categorize all of the

treasures that are collected

on hunts. 

He also does his

best to teach Bimo and

Bindi and keep them out

of trouble.

Mother Blagonwight is a

master hunter.  She

identifies junk that is

cluttering people's houses

and brings it back to the

family's cave. 

She teaches the children to

be strong and independent,

but not too independent.

Bimo Blagonwight can't

wait to grow up.  He wants

to do everything that adults

can do and he wants to do

it now. 

Sometimes he gets into

trouble but he always

apologizes and learns

from his mistakes.

Bindi Blagonwight is just

like her brother. While not

quite as impetuous as

Bimo, she will never back

down from a challenge and

will usually go one step


She is also quick to

apologize and is sure not

to make the same mistake




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